+R or -R DL and Verbatim?

So I’m planning my first foray in to DL burning with my new LiteOn 1693. I’ve had lot’s of success with Ritek G04 and Taiyo Yuden 4X -R’s. As such I’m a little hesitant to go +R with my DL media but it seems +R-DL is producing better and more compatible discs than -R-DL from what I’ve read on here. Keep in mind speed is not my primary concern. I’d much rather have good, compatible slow burns than fast crappy ones regardless of media type.

Also it seems Verbatim is about the final word on DL currently…? Anyone know if Taiyo Yuden is going to have anything available?

yeah!!! affordable TY +DL media would be great to have, I wonder what’s keeping them!!!

I guess if you could get both for the same price, check out how both burns in your writer in a review and make a choice. The downside of -R DL is poor compatibility in standalone DVD players, but if you’re archiving data, then this probably isn’t a concern.

If the DL media is for DVD-Video, and you intend viewing these video’s on a set top DVD player, then you have to go with DVD+R DL.
Very few set top players will play DVD-R DL.

I guess it’s +R DL then :wink:

Nice avatar BTW Dee :stuck_out_tongue: I see you’re also from my grandfathers homeland, I came and visited you fine folk a couple years ago. Fantastic country :iagree:

Just ordered the 10pack of Verbatim 6X +R DL from Blankmedia.ca (and some 8X -R’s for mys sis). Thanks again guys!

I recently burned a homevideo on Verbatim +R DL(bitset to dvd-rom), and the funny thing is that it perfectly worked on my ancient toshiba 2nd gen stand alone dvd player but chocked on my fairly new panasonic dmr-e55 stand alone dvd recorder!!!

Weird things can happen…
Maybe the Panny needs a flashing “shock”? :wink:

So I assume I’ll have to do some of this fancy-schmancy “booktype setting” with the +R DL media right…?

That’s highly recommended.

If you wish to enjoy maximum compatibility, then yes it is an absolute must. Make sure your burner/firmware revision supports it. I can also vouch for the D/L Verbatim DVD+R with the booktype set to DVD-ROM. I often use the discs in my XBOX with a 605B Samsung drive. Those who know XBOX hardware know that Samsungs HATE +R media unless you set the booktype to DVD-ROM. So unless I set the booktype to DVD-ROM, I would have a bunch of expensive coasters. It kind of helps that I have a Pioneer 109 though as it conveniently sets the booktype to DVD-ROM for you automatically on D/L DVD+R. :wink:

Well I’ve got a LiteOn 1693 and apparently it’s good for setting booktype in the player… I’ll have to read more on it though to see what exactly it is I have to do…?

Depends on the soiftware you are using. Normally the software has an option to fulfill what you are looking for: Bitsetting.

where’s the cheapest place to get -R DL? my pioneer 633 only burns - and doesnt care if + is set to dvd-rom