+R or -R compatibility for player(s)

Sorry to ask, but I have tried searching but it seems like once upon a time there was a review and/or poll about which type of DVD disk people think is most compatible with set top players. It seems like either + or - was usually recommened, (not brand). I’m using NEC 3540 as primary burner and BenQ as secondary. TIA

From what I have read, it seems that -R is fairly compatible and +R with bitsetting is as well.

If you use +R with no bitsetting there are a few players that will spit it out.

There are also players that won’t read -R, but will read +R. I think it’s about 50-50.

VideoHelp currently lists a 94% compatibility rate for -R and 90% for +R. You’re pretty safe either way.

There are READ FIRST sticky articles about that, more than enough.

Thank you Chas, RD, and Teh for your responses and help.

While we are at it, and I have read all the Read First articles, can a bitset +R disc be considered almost universally readable on players made in the last few years or are them some that will still only read -R?

Some of them will not accept bitsetted +R anyway.

My last project, I sold approximately 200 DVD’s. For my own experiment, half were +R bitset and half were -R’s. They were all burned, scanned, printed with unique serial numbers, logged in database and delivered.

No returns or complaints (related to playback anyway…my videotaping leaves something to be desired though, hehe).

My personal conclusion: Equal compatibility

Bottom line: For set-top DVD Players a quality DVD-R disc or a quality DVD+R disc (with the booktype set to DVD-ROM) are about the same for compatibility. Not unless you have a really old DVD Player (ie 1995, 1996).

Thanks for the feedback guys. I have to turn out 100 discs of a talent show and I have just about switched my stock of blanks completely to +R.