+R media with -ROM booktype wont play in a panasonic dvd-rp56



i use memorex 8x dvd+r i but 30 pack spindles at walmart for 18$ all tests say they are ritek 03 w/e the heck that means i dont have any issues at all with 12x burns but even with bitsetting adjusted to -rom my 3 yr old $500 panasonic dvd-rp56 will not play them at any speed i record at, it tries but then stops after about 10 seconds or less and says unsupported disc format but my cheap $30 cyberhome 320 plays anything i throw at it lol, and it even has component, coax audio ect all the same features my pana has.
hers a png of my latest kprobes dunno what any of it means maybe someone here can tell me?


Welcome:). This thread is for Dual Layer media. Your post is off-topic(even tho you aren’t the first to go ‘OT’)

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However, those first two burns are nice. The third burn just didn’t get the same quality as the other two. Were you burning data instead of backing-up dvd’s like the first two?(don’t answer that here…if you want to discuss further, start your own thread or post in an different, more appropriate thread)Anyway, Interpreting PI/PO error scans will help you understand these graphs. Basically, a 4x scan-speed-scan specs are: PI max<280; PIFMax<4 with single spikes allowed as reading glitches.


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The Panasonic will probably play them if you don’t set the booktype to -ROM. The Panasonic can detect the booktype and because a booktype of -ROM is not supported in the +R standard they will not allow the disc to play :(. Go figure…


thanks for the responses and the info bout OT sorry bout that :frowning: .
the 3rd one is a dvd same as the other 2 are but the first was burned at 8x, second at 4x and the 3rd was at 12x, the 1st one was before i flashed the drive to a 1633s (stupid me i went a bought a 1633s as a second drive for the wifes comp lol, coulda got a 1613 for 35$ paid 65$ for 33s) but i didnt know about all thisflash stuff b4 hand :frowning: . i have tried not setting book type (I think), on the 1613 right after i bought it and it wouldn’t play them then either, but i will use bitsetting and try again and repost.
thanks for all the hard work you all do here it is a blessing for a familyman (read poor bast*rd) such as myself.


Or you could just use quality -R media. Your Panasonic will play those just fine. :slight_smile:


The memorex discs play fine in my RP82 whether I set the booktype to DVD-rom or leave it at DVD+R. Even DL discs play fine without setting the booktype. But I’m not sure if the RP82 came out a year after the RP56. I also have my firmware upgraded on my RP82.


found that it was the 12x burns not letting the rp56 read the disks. @4x it is flawless and @8x usually not an issue, some glitching but not bad at all, very little in fact

it was my understanding from cdfreaks site that the liteons dont like -r media?

using fw patched bs0s 1633s liteon patched from a 1613s sl to 1633s dl

and actually the kpobe results are 4x,8x and 12x not 8x, 4x, and 12x as previously posted


Is it then possible that by using the booktype, you are making your disc less compatible? :confused:


Yes in some instances it can, like my Panasonic recorder. I don’t set my discs to -ROM anymore, as all of my players will play +R but some of them won’t play -ROM. So as philamber mentioned earlier, -R still has it’s benefits. :wink:


i tried -r media no bitstting changes were made: won’t read it.
tried +r no bitsetting changes were made: wont read it
but at 4x with -rom bitsetting change it reads almost all of them now even +rw lol
and quite a few at 8x, problem before was the 12x burning i was doing and had a bad batch of dvd+r that were cmc (cmc = crap,more crap) lol :slight_smile:


Lite-ons don’t like cheap -R media.

They’re perfectly happy burning the quality -R stuff (genuine Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim Data Life Plus, esp. if manufactured in Singapore though they burn Taiwan made Verbs well enough, and Japanese made Maxell).

Liteon’s reputation for poor performance with -R largely derives from inconsistent, and often poor, results with Ritek -R media and generally woeful results with CMC -R.


all of my verbatim discs are from taiwan:
mmc003 coding
memorex so far have mostly been:
ritek r03
a few were:
cmc mage01 (but only 1 30 pack spindle out of over 20 i have bought)
all were 8x dvd+r
the verbs were 8x but 12x certified with compatible hardware (got em in a 50 pack spindle from sam’s last week for 26.99 upc code: 023942949305

i have,t ever bought any _r yet but i think i will because of a recent post :

$7 for 20 and it says they are genuine ty 8x fuji branded in -r and +r.
some one replied saying he burned at 16x fine with them. that’s only $0.35 each lol