R.I.P: VHS officially dead

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It can now be argued the VHS format is officially dead, as the last major supplier of VHS video tapes shipped out its last truckload last Friday.
"It’s dead, this is it, this is the last…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15343-R_I_P-VHS-officially-dead.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15343-R_I_P-VHS-officially-dead.html)

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I saw this on google news yesterday and I only have one thing to say. It’s about time. Glad I got to experiance it.

Learn to spell.

I must admit I still have two standalone VCRs and about 1500 VHS tapes. Yes DVD is a lot better for archive bits but for the stuff I want to watch and wipe I’ll still be using VHS for a (very - obviously) long time to come. It gives me 4 1 hour programs say on a tape and if I get 2/3 rds through the 3rd episode on a tape I know that I can take that tape out of a machine without losing my space.

Time moves on and there is no doubt DVD’s are a lot better and Yes I have 3 DVD-Recorders but the VHS format has not broken overnight for watch and wipe - at least the way I do it.

Remember VHS tape hard drive backup devices? :slight_smile:

A quick look at jr.com shows blank VHS tape available from Sony, TDK, and Maxell. Are all of these just remaining stock? (For that matter, maybe there’s enough stock in warehouses to last another decade or two)

This certainly would imply that TDK still makes VHS tape:
They even still list SVHS tape.

And they’re still making DVD/VHS and BluRay/VHS combos, so I’d say VHS is still very alive.

woot woot… Old school. I sure do. I even had my hands on one at one time or another.

At the bottom of the article it mentions that bluray will be gone by 2012/2013 and DVD will reign supreme? I thought that was odd, I don’t see blu-ray dissapearing overnight. I also don’t see the need for another high def format, I figure as technology gradually converts over to HD technology that bluray would keep chugging along?

People here don’t like blu-ray because of “lol sony rootkit” and “upsampling looks the same anyways.”

I think blue-ray will be gone because streaming will take over. You’ll pay per gb you download, unlike today where there is a fixed price and fixed gb/month. DVD will survive because it has such a giant following and it is cheap, and the resolution is great. Most people can’t tell or appreciate blue-ray resolution. Even in the computer market, 25gb blank disc for $15 or even $5-10 is absurd. Blue-ray took far took long to get introduced, and the size is way behind the times. Besides, I can think of better ways to spend my time than burning stacks of discs. (Reminds me of installing office on 40 floppy disks).

Yeah, I agree on that. Blu-Ray - what’s the point. It just seems to be something invented for the sake of it

Psssttt…I will tell you secret, VHS was dead at least 3 years ago. They were just selling past inventories at the stores.

Goodbye VHS… Join your 8-track buddies in electronic heaven…

learn not to be a dick

I think the little 1&3/4 inch compact flash card should be the format of the future. No moving parts, very small, increasing capacity, cant be scratched, more durable, prices dropping like crazy, can copy and re-copy. Much better than the DVD. I really can’t think of a downside…

DVD quality indeed better than VHS, but VHS still more reliable than some finicky DVD recorders - ever had a power cut while recording on DVD-R? Mostly the blank disc gets destroyed., whilst stuff recorded on tape is always there!

Still very expensive to produce. Until you can make them for under 30 cents you will never see that happen. Dvd’s are $20 in the store and they cost about 10 cents to produce. With flash cards you need a casing a circuit board ram and a connector. Chance of getting that under 30 cents is highly unlikely. Also your talking about a lot of polution needed to produce this device and so your eco-friendly retards are going to be all over that.

RIP Macrovision - welcome to the digital age!

Uh they are already in the digital age. They are in your dvd’s

Damn, I just upgraded to VHS, don’t tell me I’m going to have to do it again?