R.I.P. the computer mouse, 1972-2010



Largely overlooked amid the overwhelming iPad hype is its biggest potential achievement. Apple’s touch-screen quasi-PC may have finally struck a fatal blow to the long-standing king of input devices, the computer mouse.

Make no mistake about it, the era of the familiar PC mouse is coming to an end. It may not be a 2012-style apocalypse (and the mouse will surely hang on in some form for many years to come), but the door is slowly shutting on the universal acceptance of this single iconic piece of hardware that we have equated with personal computing for decades (for argument’s sake, let’s agree to date its lifespan from the 1972 invention of the ball mouse, and its use as a consumer device from the 1981 Xerox Star). Replacing it is an array of touch input devices and icon-focused operating systems that are built (not always for the better) around expediency over flexibility.
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I don’t know about you, but I hate fingerprints all over the screen.



I knew this was going to happen real soon. We need cheaper monitors that are touchscreen though!


… We need cheaper monitors that are touchscreen though!

I have a hand held touch screen YahtZee game that cost us $10 brand new. It can be done…


I think the alternative “touch pads” in laptops will hang on for a long time too at least until the touch screen technology gets better, cheaper & more popular…


Really mouse going RIP :disagree: nah… highly doubt it most people are going to still use the mouse in one form or another. We here have to remember the mouse is now a world wide usage and isn’t going to go out any time soon. So our small thinking the mouse will go out isn’t really taking into account computer old and new are still used around the world. This is what I find hard that people talk about something without really doing some real research. Also just a single blog site that has no creditability doesn’t do their opinion any credit. Also since they give no way for anyone to verify how they came about their data and sounds like they are Ipad fan just goes to show it’s called “Cherry Picking” ie picking something that fits your so called facts and making it fact…


If I was going touchscreen over the mouse I will want to have at least a 32" monitor. 10" won’t cut it. The price of bigger monitors that are touchscreen are too high right now for the average user.


I Love MY Remote Mouse BEST when I lie in Bed and Watch all my Movies on MY VCD :wink:


In my opinion, touch screen will compliment the mouse rather than replace it, at least for PCs and laptops.

Reaching to push something on the screen is fine on occasion, such as at an ATM or going through the screens on a SatNav/GPS, but just imagine being in an office behind the PC 9 to 5 touching the screen regularly throughout the day to do the equivalent of what you would have been doing with the mouse.

Type “Gorilla Arm” into Google and click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. :slight_smile:


My Laptop features a touch-screen, and I do use it on a regular basis - but only when I’m on the move.
As soon as I’m at a location where I can sit down properly, I switch to my mouse again.

It’s fun to see people’s reactions though, at least one elderly couple thought I was trying to break my laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the finger prints: true, especially when the screen is tilted in a certain way that reflects the light and makes them clearly visable. However, I don’t feel the need to swipe my screen every time I want to watch a movie.


Won’t be fun to see peoples snot and the food they eat smeared all over their screens …


[QUOTE=Bob;2510145]Won’t be fun to see peoples snot and the food they eat smeared all over their screens …[/QUOTE]
I think they will still be more hygienic than a mouse. People will clean their screens more often, but very few ever wipe their mouse clean.

On the other hand, fingerprints will definitely be an issue, especially those who love eating in front of the PC.

At least they’ll make good business for the sales of screen wipes. :iagree:


I guess who ever wrote that article has never done any type CAD (Computer Aided Design, for the person who wrote the article). I cannot imagine trying to use AutoCad or Rhino3d with my fingers making ridiculously large movements across my “actual” desktop onto the monitor’s screen. Using a mouse, I barely have to move my hand to make complicated 3 dimensional shapes. The assumption of the knowledge of the ergonomics needed to produce actual objects (and virtual, for the movie industry) make me wonder how and why people, who write such stupid silly articles, make a living or why anybody would pay attention to them. Maybe they envision pushing a line using BASIC commands.


I’m predicting that the mouse will keep on being used long after the iPad hype is long forgotten.


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2510456]I’m predicting that the mouse will keep on being used long after the iPad hype is long forgotten.[/QUOTE]
How do you play quake with a touchscreen?

To kill someone, you have to click on them? Damn!!!

Quake … denigrated to a game of WHACK-A-MOLE … I never though I’d see the day :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you say RSI? How about carpal tunnel syndrome? How strong are they going to make these touchscreens? People bashing at monitors for hours on end … nerds with poor motor control … I foresee some warranty issues …


Use a stylus pen :doh: :bow: :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=Dr. Who;2510499]Use a stylus pen :doh: :bow: :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]
Same weight & speed, highly focussed point …

It’s a bigger problem than people using their large, but soft, squishy fingers for pointing :iagree:


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2510456]I’m predicting that the mouse will keep on being used long after the iPad hype is long forgotten.[/QUOTE]

That’s my sentiment as well the mouse was a engineering marvel and still continues to be one and will long be around as long as the computer is around. As well as the previous poster mentions CAD requires a mouse for accurate drawings and movements. The mouse compliments the keyboard and it’s functions. I know back when computer first came out the mouse was a addon but now is required and I seen people become zombies or dumbfound cause the mouse won’t work. This tells you the extend of how much power the mouse wields in our daily lives. Some of the new generations that grew up just using the computer and take it for granted find it hard to move around the desktop using the keyboard where there is no mouse.