R.I.P. Sony Optiarc - company updates its websites

I just posted the article R.I.P. Sony Optiarc - company updates its websites.

he Sony Optiarc website is now showing that all products are end of life.

Click to read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/r-i-p-sony-optiarc-company-updates-its-websites-66592/](http://www.myce.com/news/r-i-p-sony-optiarc-company-updates-its-websites-66592/)

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I am almost in tears, NEC was one of my favorite drives back in the day. I am sorry to see Optiarc, go but I will always remember my hobby and interest in Optical drives. :bigsmile:

Sorry to hear that. :sad::sad::sad:

Agree with [I]alan1476[/I]. In pair with BenQ´s Nexperia drives, NEC burners are some of the best ever built. My ND-3500 still burns a CD or DVD from time to time.

BTW. My thanks to Herrie, TDB and Dee/Liggy-team for all NEC firmware tweaks the last decade. :clap: :bow:

I’m surprised there are not anti-Sony comments… yet. Then again, this news is obviously targeted toward the older CDFreaks, with there freakish CD obsessions.

It´s just like Sony/Ericsson mobile phones (nowdays no more a joint venture). Ericsson contributed with technology (hardware) in same way as NEC did it for nowdays Optiarc drives.

Can´t see why we should blame Sony Co. at all in this matter.
Sony is just the name/“brand” holder for Optiarc drives as told in news release. Nothing else.

Although I´ve been a member for a while I just posted my personal opinions from what I learned abouth NEC chipset drives/burners on this forum, thanks to CDFreaks. Sorry if you feel anything wrong about that

You might have other experiences [I]TSJnachos117[/I]. Let us know. :flower:

Sorry all.
My gratitudes just above also goes to ala42´s MCSE and Quikee.

For older members and members with older NEC burners, my apologies. :flower:
Better late then sorry. :bigsmile: