-r dl on 4163b

I was wondering what the likelihood of being able to upgrade the 4163b to support -r dl is. Are LG going to release a firmware update to let it keep up with the NEC and Pioneer drives, or are they going to bring out an entirely new drive?

From what I have seen, a new drive is more likely to happen.
But Kenshin will know better.

I can only guess. Extremely unlikely. It’s against LG’s own policy.

GSA-4163B was designed before Pioneer DVR-A09 and NEC ND-3530A.

That is one reason why I recommend waiting for new drives to people who want more features than are found in GSA-4163/5163 now.

I was waiting for over 2 years for something new from my SOny 500AX that I bought for 430 Euros!!!And finally I gave it to my brother who doesn’t care about fromats or speeds :).

Yeah, I think I will take your advice Kenshin and wait a little while before I get a drive. On such matters then, is there any information on a successor to the 4163b, or are LG keeping pretty quiet on the whole affair. Any guesses on a release date, or are we gonna be looking at March when -r dl media is going to become available?

I only know there will be at least one new model that supports LightScribe in late March. Whether the new models will support features like 8x DVD+R DL and 8x DVD-R DL and 16x DVD-RAM, I do not know yet. LG, like many other manufacturers, do not want their product release dates to be known to others. If I knew, it’s likely all LG’s competing manufacturers knew, too.

16x DVD-RAM!
Kenshin, you are going to make us all crazy :slight_smile:

16x DVD-RAM was mentioned many months ago. Unless Hitachi and LG were cheating or some serious delay is happening again, 16x DVD-RAM should be ready in this quarter or at least by the next quarter.

For playing you mean.
Not for recording…

No, for recording. Very little use of releasing a press release if it’s just 16x reading. :slight_smile:


Never saw anything higher than (I think) 5x DVD-RAM media until now. But compared to my trusty old SCSI Fujitsu MO drive, even that is nearly light speed compared to a VW Beetle.

Hm. SCSI MO… used to be one of the most expensive PC drives. :iagree: I couldn’t ever have one of them though I wanted those Apex, MO, DVD-RAM drives so much. Well, that is, most people want to have those without grasp. :wink:

That may be the case, but the Pioneer drive is on the market now competing against the GSA-4163B. Also, Plextor’s 16x drive was even released to market before LG’s and it is receiving these features via firmware upgrades.

Panasonic to introduce 16x DVDRW , the news write upgrade to 4x dvd-dl ?


is it same oem with LG-HITACHI 4163B ?

Saw them (Pioneer A09) at BB today $127.00. Black,Beige,and Silver there.