+R DL Disc , Which One?

Out of these 3 DL discs which is going to be more compatible on the ps2…

{DV 3143} Datasafe Branded
{DV 3142} Ridisc Branded
{DV 3124} Verbatim Datalife Plus

I was thinking one of the first two as they use a ritek dye, but im not sure as i have only used -R discs before.

AFAIK the Verbatim drives are the most compatible on the market. But I’m suspicious about double layer burning… the technology is still at a too early stage. I am not going to burn to DVD+R9 disks very often even if I own a DL drive, mainly because of the price (here in Italy 1 double layer disk = 9.90 EUR).

Forget Ritek DL media (Ridisc branded and most probably Datasafe branded discs also). c’t magazine tested them in the latest issue, and not a single drive had good results with them. Definitely buy the Verbatim (Mitsubishi) discs.

Ritek is, has been, and likely always will be mediocre in quality. :Z RITEKD01 illustrates that. RITEKR04 illustrates that. RITEKR03 illustrates that. RITEKG05 illustrates that. RITEKG04 illustrates that.

Good Ritek G05 discs are not mediocre, they are great (the quality of the discs itself is good also), if you use the right drive and the right write strategy that is. Agree with the rest though.

RITEKG04 disks are not that bad too!

I suppose it depends also on the brand of the discs, ive got a pack of datawrite yellow v2 with GO4 dye, datawrite well known for crap quality, and they burn like a P.O.S, bought a pack of Traxdata with GO4 dye and they are the best discs ive done to date!