+R DL burns fail with 4166B



My firmware is 1.02.
Using Nero 6.6 and 7
Media is Memorex 2.4X +R DL
My DL burns fail with different errors. Sometimes in the first layer, sometimes while going to the second and sometimes somewhere in the second layer.
Though media is 2.4X, Nero has only 4X option. Will not give 2.4X option.

However, get this, I have 100% successful DL burns using Imgburn freeware.
I drop down and choose 2.4X option in Imgburn.

So I create a .nrg with Nero and burn it with Imgburn. Painful 2-step process.
Is this a burner problem? or media? or Nero?


Nero is not the best for burning dual layer media. Actually the Memorex DL media is also not the best, Verbatim (& maybe Ricoh) is the only option really.

The way you’ve worked out with an image & then ImgBurn is actually the way I’d do it.

Note that ImgBurn does not check that the speed you select is valid for that media/firmware combination. It is probably burning at 4x as Nero would. This would indicate that maybe the firmware doesn’t recognise the media so applies a default speed of 4x.


Thanks, relieved that the drive is good.
Imgburn does not detect, but has a drop down list for selecting speed. I choose 2.4 and that’s what it uses.


Are you sure it’s doing 2.4x? Did you measure the time or have ImgBurn display the real speed (if it’s possible)?


Haven’t measured really, but this is what Imgburn reports in its log…about 2.3


Memorex DL… :Z


Can’t get any other in Canada. Other brands are rare finds and prohibitively expensive.


MKM001 mediacode (Mitsubishi/Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4X) are the only good ones.


Memorex DVD+R DL discs are typically RITEKD01, one of the worst DL discs you can find. Many writers have problems writing to these discs and quite a few DVD players have trouble playing them. Ritek cut it’s prices on DL media some time ago to gain market share. If they didn’t do that, I don’t think anybody else would buy those discs.

The people above are being biased - Verbatims are about the only thing you can trust that really works on most writers and DVD players.

Can you shop online? I know there are decent online places that stock Verbatim DVD+R DL discs. I only know of http://www.blankmedia.ca though. If you post in the Blank Media section of this forum, there are people there who can give you more information on where to get those discs in Canada. The people there are also very good at posting information when sales come around, particularly for these very Verbatim discs. Then everyone else proceeds to go clean out the shops with those sales :slight_smile: