+R copying to -R and +R bitsetting

I’m looking into buying one of several standalone DVD recorders, all of which use DVD+R and +RW. I don’t know if any of them can or could set the booktype of the finalized disk to DVD-ROM.

Can I copy the contents of a DVD+R (or +RW) disk to DVD-R (for better compatibility) via a simple diskcopy (or any other method)?

Would a PC burner’s lack of bitsetting ability (e.g. Pioneer) affect copying the DVD+R disks to another DVD+R disk if the booktype was set to DVD-rom on the original?

Don’t think you can set the booktype on standalone recorder.
Liteon do a duel format recorder (very good reviews).
You can copy + or - to either format.

booktype has to be set B 4 you burn the disk. +R to dvd-rom. +RW to dvd-rom. +R DL to dvd-rom. Don’t think you can change a -R to dvd-rom but i could be wrong. You can burn a -R disk from a +R disk and it will be a -R disk. Not sure about your pioneer for firmware you might look in the pioneer forum for help on that…hope that helps.

Actually, I haven’t bought either the standalone or pc burner yet. I’ve read lots about which burners have bitsetting via official and unofficial software (and voiding warranties “flashing modded sw.”)

I had decided on the Pioneer because of the comments and reviews but it doesn’t support SL +R booktype setting and now I’m just concerned about having a standalone recorder which burns disks my pc burner can’t copy correctly or that can’t play on other’s machines.

Thus the question about copying +R’s and about +R to -R.

The NEC with modified firmware is highly regarded around here.
I have the 2500 with no complaints.With bitseting, wouldn’t have one without.

You could build a pc with capture card and dvd burner and hook it your tv. If you want bitsetting, BenQ is the way to go. It does sl and dl bitsetting out of the box. It also does very good +R burning. Also could get a digital video recorder. I think Replay TV has a network card. That way you could send files to your pc for burning.

I’d get NEC in a flash (excuse the pun) except using modified firmware voids the warranty http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=87417

I want a standalone recorder primarily to put shelves of VHS and Hi-8 onto DVD and not tie up my notebook for the next few months. The cheapo ones I’ve been looking at with firewire input all use +R.

After changing my mind 10x, lately I’ve been thinking of the Liteon 1633, since Liteon has a bitsetting utility available. If the BenQ is not great with -R (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=106012) …why limit myself?

With new firmware B7K9, DW1620 does pretty good with -R. I have heard good things about 1633s.

i have a NEC ND-2510…i flashed it with modified f/w but dumped (saved) the original f/w incase i need to flash back for warranty reasons. Read around the forums here and choose what you want. I’m sure there are GUI (Windows) flash utilities for most burners or learn to do it in DOS…Just read and you will learn a bounch it will be very rewarding !

Forgot to mention…USB or Firewire…might want to flash with IDE cable and then use in USB or Firewire case…just read people are having problems flashing.

Get the NEC I have the 3500 thanks to the reccomendations of this forum. You can get it from 3500 at www.newegg.com for $72 + 5 free DVDs.

Not sure about DVD VR format, I know it supports CPRM so the discs can be protected w/ 58bit encryption (CSS was only 40bit) so that can you headaches, personally I’d capture the video into your PC using a video care, cheaper & better.

I used to have one of the earlier Phillips DVD Recorders for the purpose you describe - converting VHS tapes to DVD. I no longer use it for a number of reasons:

  1. Copy protect - will not copy Macrovision protected tapes
  2. Crap menu system
  3. +R/RW format only

I now use a Cameo Grabster 200 MPEG2 capture device on a PC, so it only takes a matter of minutes to turn the captured file(s) into a DVD on the medium of my choice, with a full menu system, and it totally ignores all forms of copy protection.
I also use a DVB capture card fot TV shows which dumps the broadcast MPEG2 transport stream direct to HDD for instant use, and my satellite receiver (Sky+ here in the UK) has a HDD in it to record, and play back later through the Grabster.

I would never use a DVD recorder again.

I’m trying to do bitsetting/book typing to change a DVD+R to a DVD-ROM using Nero Ultra 6 (Version Nero’s site mentions that the software can perform bitsetting/book typing, but I can’t figure out where in the software to do that. The software’s manual, help section and the the associated PDF doc files that come with the software do not mention anything about bitsetting/book typing. Does anyone know how to do bitsetting/book typing using Nero Ultra 6?

If your drive supports bitsetting do it with DVDinfopro.You only have to do it once instead of every time you burn.

I had success bitsetting a DVD+R to DVD-ROM using Omnipatcher and Nero I recently found out in a previous post that Nero took out bitsetting for version (or closer version) per a request from Lite-On (a marketing ploy?). I believe Nero stopped including bitsetting at Version I assume I can download DVDinfopro.

Yes get it here.