Qwik Question About Encoding



After I format the file I want to be encoded with the TMPGEnc and clik start it takes about 2 hours for the file to go from start to finish but it only fills about 40% of the processing bar and there’s still 3 hours of blank space left for it to go to 100%. My question is…Do I let it process all the way or can I stop encoding when the file has played thru and move on to the next step?


If the process shows its only reached 40%, you should wait for it to finish. The initial calculation of the time needed is by all means not precise.


thanks for the info bud…now can you tell me why after encoding is done and I test the new mpeg file I only get video and no audio? when I formatted the audio part I checked the Change Volume box and hit Normalize button. I left the default at 100 and after it searched the audio stream it still said 100. I did notice in the tutorial it said if the number is greater than 100 then clik OK. I did make sure the audio edit box was checked too. What am I doing wrong?


What is the guide that you are following boneheadnewbie? I cant find the options you are mentioning in TMPGEnc. Using TMPGEnc Plus here


OK, after you clik load and choose the template, the tutorial says to then clik settings. then you go to video tab and change Motion Search Precision to Highest Quality (very slow)…Now, it says to hit the audio tab and clik the setting button then to check Change Volume box and then to hit the Normalize button. then it says to leave at default 100 and clik OK. This starts a search thru the audio stream and when it’s done it suggests a final %. then the last part says to clik OK if the number is greater than 100 and to make sure to check the Use Audio Edit box. My final % number is at exactly 100 and not greater than…this is the only part of the tutorial that deals with an audio adjustment until after the encoding process and then it deals with audio/video syncing problems. So it seems to me the problem is happening somewhere before the encoding process. I just have no idea where…Please help if you can…I hope this is enuff info…thnx


Oh Sorry…the guide I’m using is in the tutorial section called " How to convert a DivX/AVI/ASF/MPEG1 to VCD" by ChickenMan-moderator


I usually use the Project Wizard and never encounter any problems - no reason though to have any audio problems with the analytical way CM uses in his guide. The only 2 reasons i can think off right now is:

  1. You lack the appropriate audio codec, in this case you most probably wont be able to have any sound in the initial avi file when played through WMP or whatever

  2. You have set the Stream Type to video only

Maybe someone who’s a TMPGEnc expert will have more ideas.