QVideo- has anyone tried it - has comments?

Hi, I have a benq dw 1620 and installed QVideo (the latest version from the internet). I just wanted to know whether other people on the forum have used this program and what they think of it and what their experiences have been. In particular, how does the quality of the conversion of a DV avi file through QVideo compare say with Nero or TmgencPlus - I, myself, last night experimented for a few minutes with the program - which burned my dv avi file direct onto a dvd + rw - and it seemed fine on the computer - unfortunately family demands made me unable to check and experiment any further…

Is this version what you installed?

qvideo 2 (v5.2.3.21)

First installing now. :slight_smile:

…yes that is the version I installed. I’d be very interested in any comments you may have.


I used QVideo a few times to record live feed from an old crappy TV Tuner (AverMedia TV98 PCI) directly to DVD+RW.

The results were OK, but my hardware is not able to do live encoding to MPEG-2, so it skips some times. The sound was awful, but that’s caused by the TV Card…

But the software do what it is supposed to do and it adds a (nice?) menu with the time and date of the recording.

BTW I have a celeron 900@1000 with 512Mb of PC133, so I was not expecting good results in live encoding!!! I usually transcode a full 2 hours DivX in about 12 hours so…

If you have more questions, I’ll be happy to help.