QVideo 2

Has anyone actually been able to use QVideo 2? I have no info on how to use it, or even what it does! :a I tried Benq tech suport. They say there are no user manuals or discs for it. I tried the patch but when downloading the 4 parts, it stops and says to insert the disc-There is no disc! When the QVideo 2 icon opens the only active button is TV. The camcorder and av buttons are inactive! Is it worth the aggravation of trying to get it to work? :a

Do you have a camcorder attached to your pc? This is what the info says:
The latest version of Qvideo 2!

Experience BenQ’s exclusive user-friendly and time-saving DV-to-DVD tool. QVideo is specially designed for DV users.
DV is a Digital Video Format mostly used by Video Camcorders. With one simple click, you can create your personal DVD instantly. Produce your own DVD in an hour from any hour’s worth of DV content.

Note: This Tool can be used in Windows 2000 and Windows XP only !

Are you having problems with this tool?? :confused:

I’ve not used it, but I have a PDF user manual around 3MG. I’d be happy to send it to you, it has some straight forward directions. Just PM your email.

Here’s pretty much all the instructions in recording straight from your DV Camcorder. I think you must have the camcorder on and on VCR mode before the DV button will be active. I think Qvideo is a simple record straight from an input device to burner software.