Qvideo 2 problem..machine not qualified?



I have a benQ dw1640 and using bskb firmware, which installed without a problem. Went to install Qvideo 2 and error pops after the blue inital instrall screen saying up saying “this is not a qualified machine”.
What the heck does that mean?


Did you download the latest version, I tried it just in case to see if they hadnt updated it to support the 1640 but it installed & worked fine then again I also have a 1620 present which is what it may have been looking for.


The exact same thing has happened to me and I am awaiting a response from BenQ Tech Support


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I’ve downloaded Qvideo 2 from 3 different sources & each time I goto install I get machine not qualified. Interesting as 1 of sources came from BenQ Global along with BSKB patch. Have emailed BenQ UK, but no response as yet.


There has to be a glitch with the software they have posted. Has anyone with a DW1640 been successful in getting the software to install?

My drive was a OEM version with no software except the Nero OEM Suite.

I did not get the BenQ installation CD with my drive. Maybe we could get someone to post the BenQ CD to a News Group.


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At BenQ global d/l 4 versions of Qvideo 2, A’ B’ C’ D’. got the same message.
‘machine not qualified’


I have the CD that came with the retail 1640. It contains an older version of Qvideo. Having the older version didn’t help me. I get the error message whether it’s installed or not. I filled out the online form for tech support and got a response about two weeks later - response pointed me to the form I already filled out. Tech support - or rather the lack of it has me thinking this may be my last Benq.


I too got the “this is not a qualified machine” message when I tried to install this package.

I was thinking - does this package require the OS to be XP MCE 2005 ?


No it doesnt, my hunch is it looks for a 1620 as it doesnt appear to have been updated to take the 1640 into account.


This is what I got back from BenQ

Dear xxxxxxx,

--------------------Replied by CSD Josh Puente at 2005/09/13 07:32:25--------------------
Did you purchase an OEM drive or a Retail drive? Because Q-Video will not work with the OEM drive


So they must have an oem identifier hardwired into the chip in the drive


I would say they mean firmware I have a retail 1620 and an OEM 1640 crossflashed to the BenQ retail firmware and Q-Video installed and worked fine with either drive.


try updating your firmware…


Tried with BSLB, which I assume is the latest for retail or OEM, and no go.


There have been reports that the country of manufacture has something to do with having a serial# or no serial# !!!

Maybe this is the PROBLEM !!!


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I’ve got two 1640’s in my current setup. One gives serial #, the other doesn’t. This appears to make no difference.


As far as I can tell, there is only one Firmware available for the DW1640. I do not see anything about OEM on their website in regards to their firmware releases.

Correct me if I am wrong.

I flashed my unit using official and unofficial and it made absolutely no difference in installing QVideo


I would assume that it allowed you to install QVideo because of the presence of the Retail 1620, if the Tech Guy at BenQ is correct.

The Software does a search routine before installation looking at the drives in an install .ini file before it allows installation of QVideo to proceed. At least that is what I am able to figure out. I searched the .ini file and cannot even find the BenQ listed so there must be a code for the drive.


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There is an official f/w for oem GSHB. look here
However as far as I know only the BSHB >BSLB appears to have been used whether drive has been retail or oem.


I installed Qvideo2 without problems with retail 1640 (Malaysia)