Qustion about 9700 pro ATI

I just bought Max Payne 2 and when i installed it a question came back your agp acceleration is not enabled so the quality of the game will be deminished. I checked in the dxdiag and its not available. How do i get the acceleration to be availible…does the card support agp acceleration"?:confused:


drivers installed? up to date? what all did dxdiag tell you?

You need to install the AGP drivers for your motherboard, you will then have agp acceleration enabled


where do you find agp drivers are intel acceleration
the same.I installed them and still no agp acceleration…I have the asus P4G8X motherboard checked the site didn’t see any agp drivers

my 9600 told me to install the agp drivers BEFORE i installed the card. did you read the manual entirely before installing?

I think it has something to do with the dx 9b ive seen where lots of people are having the same problem.when updateing to 9b the agp acceleration goes off. how do i go back to the old dx?