"Cheap" solid state hard drives?



I just posted the article “Cheap” solid state hard drives?.

Do you want to add a solid state HDD to your notebook? There are already some models available, but their main issue is the very high price. According to a news published at Daily Tech, it is…

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this is a silly article… 1)most cf-ide adapters dont support pio and udma 2)above(slow) 3)sustained io will ruin the card very fast 4)whats the biggest cf card you can get nowadays LOL


Actually, flash memory drives do hold some promise, but of course this example is not really a “drive”. While flash memory has slower transfer rates, it has almost no access time. And so, it may well “feel” faster in desktop applications than even the fastest hard drives. It’s certainly worth some development, especially for laptops.


This article is ruined by Punjabglish. I wouldn’t mind a typo, but to repeatedly drop the ‘direct object’ in sentences such as “allows to use” and “allows to replace” is irritating. And “until prices will not improve”? Aargh! Reading this was like trying to deal with Dell phone ‘assistance’.


I have an OLD Fujitsu Stylistic1200 tablet that I use as a photoframe and I brought on of these from Ebay for a total of £4.98 which is about $10 and it is about 10-15X faster with a cheap 4gig CF card than the old 2.1 gig Toshiba 2.5 IDE drive.


English is not my primary language so, too bad, it can happen that news written by me will contain errors. I apologize with all CD Freaks readers for this. I do my best to improve :slight_smile: @Dark Tower Luckily I never dealt with Dell phone ‘assistance’ :d


I use the Sintech 's Adapter , it works well too , from http://www.soarland.com