QUIXO brand - my painful experience

Hi guys,
no way to burn all the disc with this brand… :Z Nero quality test is good up to 3.5 Gb then drop to 0. Had anybody experience with this brand? The tool report them as Dvsn, but i hardly find this manufacturer in the forums.
I bought in 2 different shops, burnt with NEC2500A and nec 3540A but the problem is still present. Thanks for your suggestion. (ok I won’t buy anymore, use the remaining up to 3 Gb and scrap the rest… :clap: )


Yep, sounds like a generic, bad cheap media code.

thanks. see this:


Quality score ZERO say anything. :frowning:

Hmmm worse than Princo, that’s quite an achievment. :slight_smile:

Once my brother bought a box of 10 Quixo CD-Rs. It was two years ago or so. He gave me some six or seven CD-Rs which he left out after he realized he wasn’t able to burn them with his old toaster.
I wasn’t able to burn them either. I used several burners (including an LG 52x32x52x, an LG 8x2x32x, and a Waitec 40x10x40x), trying different speeds, but I only got unreadable CD-Rs, even though the software (Nero, Feurio) was telling me the burning was correct :a
My brother also tried to bring them back to them shop to get a refund, but they refused to, telling him that “nobody complained”. I know for sure, instead, that orher people had similar results.