Quite MP3



I downloaded this sum 41 song of the net today (waht were all about) spiderman ost. Well the song is great except its quite and i have to turn my speakers up to here it. Is there away to re encode this mp3 at a higher volume? Waht software would I need?



Well, first of all you spelled “waht” wrong. But other than that, you can use any audio prog that can read and encode in MP3, like CoolEdit 2000, and just use the amplify options/filters (or similar).
Note: some progs (like CoolEdit) need you to download an extra plugin for MP3 encoding and/or reading. Some of 'em aren’t free though…

You know what to do.:cool:


what you do is ‘normalize’ the volume of the mp3. i read about how to do it in a thread just over a week ago. try searching for it :slight_smile: