Quite impressive TYG02 @ 16X



BenQ DW1620 B7U9 & TYG02 8X burnt at 16X with DVD Decrypter.
Quality score 99. I think this is quite impressive 16X burn…

Of course there are better ones in the Hall of Fame. TYG02 seems to be ideal media for 16X writing… Strange… people say that BenQ is better with DVD+R :slight_smile:


maybe a +r will yield an even better result :stuck_out_tongue: but this is a good burn at 16x to my understanding =) I need some of these TYs.


with U9 I have not got any of my TYG02 to burn past 8x, with T9 i had very good burns at 12x and sometimes 16x had bit of hill on right. I have tried safe mode L9 trick and then U9 I have tried , safe mode L9 then safe mod U9 and only with T9 or before can I get TYG02 burn faster then 8x.


This is strange. It was 5:57 - 16X. My BenQ is B7U9 and does not have any problems with TYG02 at 16X…

And another strange thing is that QScan told me about this TYG02, that it is not recommended to burn at 8X, 12X nor 16X. Only OK were 4X and 2,4X. But the scan looks great… so QScan is not worth trying.


This is a verbatim pastel TYG02 8x @ 16x with f/w B7P9,not sure what happened with jitter at the staet.


:eek: how in hell do you guys get that kind of score at 16X, and that is the lowest jitter I’ve seen, specially for 16X. Do you guys use like the best IDE cable and have the Benq hooked by itself? Share the secret guys!!! don’t keep us in the dark!!!

:bow: :bow:


Did you guys use Photoshop to change the score and and jitter values? Tell the truth now!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


swifty7 cables don`t seem to make any diff. with me just got lucky.


yes!! but that score and jitter values are insane for 16X!!!

apparently very high quality grounded IDE cables does make a bit of difference!!!


Must have a good batch here.


Not really. The drive uses only UMDA2 which works fine even with cheap 40 wire cables. 80 wires flat cables will reduce the signal noice ratio on the data lines, but that should not have any effect on the jitter as long as you do not get buffer underuns because of alot of crc errors during data transmission.