Quirky Panasonic (Matchita) CR-8121



My CD unit will sometimes work properly … and sometimes wont. It’s quirky.

It refuses to burn (ordinary archival documents) EMTEC or TX disks but accepts Verbatim. Sometimes, not all the time.

At first I thought it was the driver which, for some bizarre reason, is not listed on most download sites. So, I am unable to reload the driver.

I employ either Windows (ugh!) or Roxio to burn a disk, and as soon as I insert the CD I can hear it feverishly looking for information. Some minutes later, up pops the message “Please enter a writable-CD into the drive” (or some such). Once I had a message that said, “Windows does not recognize this format”.

All this is very disconcerting, as you can probably imagine.

If anyone has come across this problem, and solved it, then I would be pleased to hear from you. (synthese@hotmail.fr)

Thanx in advance for any solution that might work.