Quikee2's version 3 beta 1: How to install?

This questions is for anyone that can help me out. I have a 3500ag and want to boost my burn speed from 8x to 10x or 12x. Quikee’s fw says it can do that, i think. The only problem is that when i dl the .rar file, the only thing in it is a .bin file. I thought it was going to be an executable or something easy to work with.

Can someone help?


[li]U might want to get his latest FW which is V3B3 1st. It can be found by clicking here.
[/li][li]Then u need to Download Bin Flash. CLICK HERE [/ol]
Once u have Bin Flash opened. Click on 'Flash". Choose the location u saved the .bin file and once done restart. That’s it.

Use Liggy’s Binflash. And download the Win32 GUI one.

FastAssEG: I think Milestone Extreme is better… or at least V3B2 :wink: V3B3 has a lot of changes that didn’t work.

Well. U heard it from the man himself. To get his Milstone Extreme follow the link in Quikee2’s signature.

BTW. The link I gave u for Bin Flash will automatically DL the Win32 GUI version.

And therefor it’s time for another release, or not?

Yes… I’m working on a new Milestone release… and also another probably the last beta optimised for use with the patcher :slight_smile: I bought 2 crappy 4x discs today just for fun… I’ll try to speed them up to 8x :wink: To bad that those crappy disc are so expensive :slight_smile: I bought 5 YUDEN000T01-000 for 0,6€ each… and ADM 4x cost me the same… but MAM 4x was 0.8€. Heh it’s fun to buy crappy disc… you never know what you’ll get :wink:

Quikee2, have fun burning those into fine coasters :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW! this is great…thanks for all your help. I just got my 3500 to burn the ProdiscF01 @ 12x

You da man Quikee2 :bow:

I used the ProdiscF01 media (Fujifilm DVD-R 8x).

Attached is the Transfer Rate Test.
I did the Data Burn test as well and completed at 12x with no problems but didnt get the screen shot of it. But i DO have the burned media to prove it :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have any ideal which media in your V3B3 didnt work? or are they corrected in your next version?

no I don’t know which one… so it’s better to use Milestone Extreme… as it’s ‘stable’

Thanks, Ill use it… :bow: