Quikee FW versions for 3500A?

I see a lot activity around the LD_v2 (Liggy & Dee) like LD_v2b7 and recently LD_v2b8 : seem a lot of people are testing and using these LD FW’s now.
Great work Liggy and Dee !!! :bow: :bigsmile:

Quikee has always been making great FW mod’s, but latest I noticed some reduced activity : after opening the NEC forum in my browser, I even have to start using the ‘crtl +F’ (find function) to find new posts about let’s say QV3ME… :rolleyes:
Is there a later FW released by Quikie then this one ? :confused:

Is this the silence before the storm or is it something else ? :wink: :bigsmile:

Maybe joining all efforts together from Liggy, Dee and Quikee to make one mighty devellop center for NEC fw modding ? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Quickee2 is kinda like Bat Man-

He only shows up when needed-

Gotta love him and Dee for all their dedication and pursuit of the firmware “Holy Grail”- for our NEC’s-


you can find here (http://freeweb.siol.net/tvajng/Quikee_FW.html) all the latest Quickee2’s firmware. Enjoy!