Quikee 3500AG 2.28 Version 3 Firmware

Version 3 Beta 1

First I have to ask all testers if they name the pictures in this way:
Type can be:
B - Burn Graph
T - Transfer Rate
Q - Quality check (Kprobe, etc.)
for example: TYG02-12x-QV3B1-Burn

And when you post results don’t forget to write firmware used, speed and MediaCode and also Brand.

All changes in Milestone Extreme plus:

Milestone Extreme Fixes

MAXELL 002 -> YUDEN000T02 (8x->16x)
CMC MAG. AF1 -> MCC02RG20 (4x->12x)
CMC MAG. AE1 -> MCC02RG20 (8x->12x)


AN31(2,3,4,5) -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 (Fixed AN32 hopefully)
BeAll G40001 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20
CMC MAG. AF01 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20
LEADDATA01 -> PVCR001002
MBI 01RG20 -> MCC01RG20
MUST 001 -> MUST 003
OPTODISCR008 -> 4x6x8x OPTODISCR008 / 10x12xMCC2RG20
PRODISCS04 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
RITEKG03 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20
RITEKG04 01 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
RITEKG05 -> 4x6x8x RITEKG05 / 10x12x TYG02
RITEKM02 DVD-R -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
SONY04D1 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x FUJIFILM04
TYG01 -> TYG02
TTG01 -> 4x6x8x TTG02

BeAll000P40 -> 4x6x8x MCC003 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
BeAll000P80 -> 4x6x8x MCC003 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
DAXON AZ1 -> 4x6x8x MCC003
PRODISCR02 -> YUDEN000T01-001
PHILIPS C16 -> TDK 002
RITEKR03 -> 4x6x8x RITEKR03 / 10x12x CMC MAG M01
RICOHJPNR01 -> 4x6x8x RICOHJPNR02 / 10x12x TDK002
YUDEN000T00 -> 4x6x8x YUDEN000T01-001 / 10x12x PRODISCR03
YUDEN000T01-000 -> 4x6x8x YUDEN000T01-001 / 10x12x PRODISCR03
YUDEN000T01-001 -> 4x6x8x YUDEN000T01-001 / 10x12x PRODISCR03

Thanks quikee2 for all your hard work and efforts put down in this firmware. :bow:

RICOHJPNR01 burned with QV3B1 at 12x. :wink:
Media; Maxell branded (Japan). Compare with my burn on V2MR_Extrene here.

Whats the difference between quickees fw and liggys and dees? Why two versions?

pinto2: Better transfer rate… but the quality scan is worse… what should I think ?
Jamos: We don’t know the difference… Dee doesn’t post what strats she used :slight_smile:

Just flashed b3. I’ll try AN31 asap and try to post the results.


Of course, I flashed V3b1…

REburned a maxell 002 on my other nec burner in sons machine … similiar results… v3b1 16x burn

burn normal 6:03 … transfer rate normal

here is error scan

lgkahn: PIF are a little higher in the 10x part

I bought a media we haven’t tested yet =) Memorex 4x DVD-R - MBI01RG20 … It was pure luck… I was hoping for CMC MAG. AF1 =)
What do you think… should I try 12x ? =)

I will also post my tests of AN31 @8x (AN32 still reads as 4x :confused: , but oh well :slight_smile: ) later, keep up the good work Quikee!

FujiTY02 burned with QV3B1 at 12x.

I’ll burn and test a CMC MAG AE1 just for giggles… :wink: :wink:

I bought a media we haven’t tested yet =) Memorex 4x DVD-R - MBI01RG20 … It was pure luck… I was hoping for CMC MAG. AF1 =)
What do you think… should I try 12x ? =)

not with that strategy it obviously doesn’t like the 4 and 6x strategies… how about the same as we did for ae 01 or something …

CanuckGod: I don’t know about AN32… don’t see what’s wrong…

lgkahn: I’ll try :wink: But first I have to try this strat… It’s bad for 4x6x but 8x is good… so maybe 10x12x would be also good…

pinto are you sure your discs are that bad… I had a 812s that I returned and it couldn’t burn or read richojpn discs for crap… liteons are known to have problems with them my 832s is much better.

Or it could be just inferior media hard to know do you have another drieve like an aopen or benq to scan them in???

here is a scan of 12x burn with fuji ricohpnr01 that I just did with V3b1
burn is normal transfer rate is normal…

we may be able to find a better strategy (doubt it we did a lot of testing previously) but that is why there is a warning with this media to test your discs before burning at 12x…

upcomming a tdk branded richojpnr01 at 12x also.
I will burn this in my other nec 3500 just for SH**s and giggles.

lgkahn: Previous RICOHJPNR01 strat was better than this one… =)

Thanks Q for all your efforts. I’ll be checking this out for sure. Thanks for bringing back the Optodisc speed ups and also adding the Beall medias. :bow:

lgkahn: Previous RICOHJPNR01 strat was better than this one… =)

what was the previous I thought it has always been the same since liggy’s beta 8 but maybe I am wrong…

Must be wrong I do recall beter scans and they are getting better scans in the other camp… what was the older strategy for the 10-12 portion we used… mcc0rg20 or something…

lgkahn: I mean the one in Milestone Release… I changed the strat for V3B1…

Aha you are correct… It appears the 10-12 section is not as good as previously

for comparision I am burning on on my other drive with extreme which should have the old strategy… off course this is a slightly lower grade tdk disc…

I think the maxell discs just suck I don’t see any problem with the extreme strategy… here is a tdk burned with extreme at 12x

Phillips 8X -R, CMC MAG AE1, 12X