Quikee 3500AG 2.18 Version 2 Firmware

Allright… new firmware… new Thread… =) BTW… If the firmware screws up your drive… i’m not the one to blame!
Quikee Version 2 Beta 1

RITEK G04 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
RITEK G05 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
FUJIFILM03 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
MCC01RG20 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
SONY04D1 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
ProdiscF01 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
CMC MAG. AE1 -> 4x6x8x MCC01RG20 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
CMC MAG. AF01 -> MCC01RG20
ProdiscS03 -> MCC01RG20
MBI 01RG20 -> MCC01RG20
LONGTEN 001 -> MCC01RG20
TTG01 = TTG02 -> 4x6x8x TTG02 / 10x12x TYG02
TYG01 -> TYG02 Lim. 12x
TYG02 -> 4x6x8x10x12x TYG02 / 14x16x TYG03
MXL RG03 -> 2.17 MXL RG03
MXL RG02 -> MXL RG03 Lim. 8x
MUST 001 -> MUST 003

PHILIPS 081 -> MCC003 (uses same strats so moved together)
MCC003 -> 4x6x8x MCC003 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
MCC002 -> MCC003
DDDessauV20 -> MCC003
IS01001 -> x6x8 PHILIPS 081
OPTODISCOR8 -> 4x6x8x MCC003 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
YUDEN000T00 -> YUDEN000T01-001
YUDEN000T01-000 -> YUDEN000T01-001
POMSC001002 -> x6x8 YUDEN000T01-001
RITEK R03 -> 4x6x8x RITEK R03/10x12x14x16x YUDEN000T02
RITEK R03-01 -> RITEK R03 Lim. 8x
RITEK R01 -> YUDEN000T02
RITEK R02 -> YUDEN000T02
RICOHJPNR01 -> 4x6x8x RICOHJPNR02 / 10x12x YUDEN000T02
RICOHJPNR02 -> 4x6x8x RICOHJPNR02 / 10x12x14x16x YUDEN000T02
AML 001 -> YUDEN000T01-001
PRODISC R02 -> YUDEN000T01-001
PRODISC R03 -> 4x6x8x PRODISC R03/10x12x MCC02RG20
DAXON AZ2 -> 4x6x8x MCC003 / 10x12x MCC02RG20
SONY D11 -> SONY D21

First, I would like to thank Quikee2 for all the hard work he has put down the last weeks.
You are the new bright star in this, sometime dull forum.
Keep up the good work. :iagree:

And here are the first results on this firmware.

Bought a spindle cheapo CMC MAG´s for testing the new Quikee2 V2_beta1 firmware.

ops,greate job~

I’m just checking Beta 1 Rel. 2 =) I tought I haven’t forgot anything… but I guess I did =P

here’s cmc mag e01 burned at 12X

12x write strat is perfect… but i guess i have to change 10x 8x 6x… a new coctail =)

i just burn a TYG02 at 12x and it seems to burn at 13x instead and instead of Z-CLV is was burning in CAV mode which resulted in a slower time of 7:25? is this surpose to happen as is this normal in quikee2’s firmware? thx. px

here is my scan from the TYG02 i burned with your newest firmware (version 2 beta 1) i didnt save the burn time plus i dnt have a liteon drive to scan anymore than this sorry.

It have predicted it would burn at such speed… don’t know really why =) results ?

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R TYG02 with V2_beta1
Burned two of them… but my Litey and NEC drive itself can´t handle them. :confused:

Note. - The lead-in time seems to be dat longer when on V2 compared to V1. Donno know why.

  • The PUH is making several loud noises before burn starts. This is most notable on “high speed” media.
  • Firmware still needs some polishing… but that´s the beta way, ups and downs.

Note. Compare with same media when on betaA

Mxl rg02 is still listed at 8x max… did you change it to 12x or not until next f/w thanks

I guess it’s max 12x for tyg02… maybe I’ll try something else…

lgkahn: can you try one @ 8x pls… it uses different write strat now… MXL RG03 from 2.17

lgkahn: can you try one @ 8x pls… it uses different write strat now… MXL RG03 from 2.17

ok will do…

when I get home from work -5 gmt here

by then I’ll have Rel. 2 ready =)

LONGTEN 001 @ 8x

I had better results with 2.18 QBA.

DVD+R - Smartbuy Prodisk R03 8x written at 12x with 2.18 Quikee V2B1

Anybody want to design a robotic arm for me to put discs in the nec and remove them and put them in the liteon or benq for testing so i can test dvds from work to home via pcanywhere while I work :slight_smile:

lgkahn: LOL… why not better make a clone of you that would go to work instead of you =)

I notice that MCC01RG20 is a very commonly use, but is mixing strategy for -R into +R (and vice versa) a good idea? Is there really no difference beween +R and -R per se that you can interchange strategy like that?

MCC003 -> 4x6x8x MCC003 (+R)/ 10x12x MCC02RG20 (-R)
OPTODISCOR8 -> 4x6x8x MCC003 (+R)/ 10x12x MCC02RG20 (-R)

you forgot PRODISC R03 -> 4x6x8x PRODISC R03/10x12x MCC02RG20… and it works fine… it seems there is no difference in write strategies… I could also try a DVD+R9 straegy if you wish =P