Quietness is key..recommendations?

i have no clue what are the “good brands” for dvd burners (total newb in terms of specs of dvd burners). So i thought i’d ask the experts.

*quiet…inaudible noise…or at least tolerable…i try to study like 3 feet from my computer so i can’t stand it making annoying noises (im sensitive to noise)
-burn dvd+/-r (has the option to burn at 4X AND the option to burn very fast)
-burn cd-r
-very unlikely good disks will die…sometimes at the end of the burning (copying) process i get the error and disk is unusable and its a decent brand disc…trying to avoid it as much as possible
-prefer something that is black to match my case :slight_smile: (not that important though)
-three sheep burner is preferred but two sheep will do
-not super expensive…avg cost of burner is fine

To sum it up, want a dvd burner that can burn fast at low,inaudible noise level that isn’t super expensive. Three sheep burner is preferred but 2 will do.
Any one got some recommendations? Thanks.

try asus 1612bl drive