Quietist and most accurate dvd burner

I am after an extremely quiet and and extremely accurate(both reading and burning) dvd/cd burner. The application is for audio recording ,editing etc. Speed is not a requirement. Any suggestions please

lol dream on.

By reading the burner reviews you could decide yourself.

Sure, he could decide by himself. Why don’t you carry it one step further and suggest he buy one of each and test them himself then decide that way.
Just don’t understand the rudeness of referring someone somewhere else. If you are pressed for time, (doubt it with almost 9,00 posts), your one or two word suggestion could have been much shorter than your response!

I dont think extremely quiet and and extremely accurate go together. Most present drives dont write well at low speeds.
And extremely quiet means low speeds.

I don’t know if this helps but my LG 4163B is quieter than my Benq 1650 and as to accuracy again the LG gives better burns (lower pif’s). But none of my burns are unreadable for CD or DVD copies. All play well with no drop outs.
Perhaps you will get a better response if you explain to us exactly what you want to do and expect from your drives.
By the way welcome to the cdfreaks club.

I agree that my own LG 4163 is an excellent burner, and very quiet :iagree:

Plextor with SilentMode enabled maybe???