Quietest DVD Writer?



I’m and the process of building an HTPC, and wanted your recommendations about is the absolute quietest DVD Burner for playing DVDs and audio CDs?


Probably a Pioneer 111 or 112 with the Pioneer Quiet Drive Utility.

For the 112, A12J firmware allows usage of the “Quiet Drive Utility”


You can limit the drive reading speed with a small utility, like Nero DriveSpeed or CD-Bremse. With a reading speed set to 4x you will barely hear any noise. Also some LG drives have the DVD-Video reading speed locked to 8x and the LiteOns have a feature called Smart-X, which is automatically adjusting the reading speed according to the requiered transfer rate.

From my own experience i can tell that the Samsung SH-S182D drive is very quiet, even at 12x speed.


Thanks for the input guys. One other thing I should have mentioned is that I’m going to be using Linux / MythTV, so unless there are drive read speed limiting utilities on linux, I’d need a drive that is either quiet on its own, or can adjust things automatically without OS input.