Quietest DVD burner?

I tried searching, but all I got was blank pages :confused:

I’m looking for the quietest internal DVD-RW drive that doesn’t compromise performance.


No such thing. You can either have speed, or quiet, but not both. This has been discussed many times here, sorry the search isn’t working for you.
There’s a few utilities that will slow a drive’s reading speed, that’s about all you can do. My LG is the quietest of my drives. But how a drive is mounted and the case itself has more to do with perceived noise levels than the drive itself does.

Many drives have read speed locks for video DVD’s, look for one that reads video at 8x or lower. the various reviews here always have this information.

Well, I need to upgrade soon. I was hoping someone here might be concerned with noisy drives and could give me some insight.

The drive I have now is the Samsung TS-H492A. I added some neoprene to the drive rails to try to absorb vibration, but it sounds like a turbine engine when it spins up to read any disk. I have installed Nero Drive Speed and have dialed it back to 24x, and it’s still the loudest component in my case.

I don’t ever remember any of my previous drives sounding so loud, is this just ‘the way it is’ for modern drives? I realize that spinning a plastic disk at high RPM’s will always produce noise, but I was really hoping that there would be one or two drives that stood out as being noticably less noisy than average.

I’ll check out some LG drives, but I’m open to any other suggestions?

Of my three drives, the LGs are definitely the quietest. :iagree:…the Litey sounds like a whirlwind @ high speeds. :bigsmile:

Sounds like you’re talking CDRW drives, which is a different beast. Turn it down to 4x if ya want, that’s plenty good for audio CD’s.