Quietest CDRW drives?

Hi folks, I’m a total newbie here and I’d be grateful if I could tap into the accumulated wisdom of the community.

I’m building a PC for my living room, to act as a music jukebox, and I want it to be quiet - I want to listen to music, not to the PC! Unfortunately I’m finding it hard to get any decent information regarding which are the quietest CDRW drives.

The key issue for me is how loud the drive would be when playing a music CD. For example the drive on my desktop PC is hopeless. It makes a huge whooshing sound, as if it’s spinning the disc up to a very high speed - even when I’m just playing a CD and you’d think it should run happily at 1x rather than 32x or 48x or whatever.

Can anybody recommend drives that are quiet when playing music CDs? Rather than specific models, are there manufacturers whose drives tend to be better behaved than others?

Thanks for your help.


There’s no such thing as a “quiet” drive spinning at 10,000 RPM. How fast a drive spins when readin audio CDR’s depends mostly on the software used for playback. Some folks use programs like Nero Drivespeed to limit reading speeds, you may find this meets your needs. There are others as well.

get a Plex Premium while you still can (they’ve reached end of life)…with Plextools Pro, it has SilentMode with which you can adjust the tray speed, spinup/down speeds and read/write speeds to have it virtually undetectable during use…and you’ll have arguably the best CD burner currently available to boot…a little pricey (~USD$70) but most everyone who has one will say it’s worth it…

Or get a LiteOn for $25 and get equal quality burns. The software for slowing a drive is free.

or do that :rolleyes:

Thanks guys, that’s really helpful. I’ve got DriveSpeed and it’s just what I wanted. Thanks again.

so which model of liteon cd-rw drive would u recommend/is best? how does the cd-r burns compare with ltr-1693s [dvd-rw] cd-r burns?