Quiet sound or none at all on dvd's I burn

Please can someone help me! I have downloaded some dvd rip avi files - perfect quality for sound and picture when tested on the pc. I have tried countless programs to put them on a dvd so that I can watch them on my dvd player but every time I try, there is either no sound or it is VERY quiet. I have tried loads of different programs, including Ashampoo (recommended to me), My Sonic DVD, free dvd creator (the best out of the lot funnily enough) and NTI CD and DVD maker but I have the same problems each time, just in varying degrees!

Each program goes through a ‘convertion’ process which takes around 2 hours and turns it into a video_ts file (there is always an empty audio_ts folder), it then burns to disc. I have gone through around 20 discs over the last 8 weeks and I’m still in exactly the same position I was then! I really can’t work out what’s going wrong. It definitely is not the quality of the files, they are perfect, it’s something to do with the program I’m using or how I’m converting it or SOMETHING!!! AAAaaaaaarggggg! It’s driving me crackers! Please someone help me before I end up in the looney bin!!

On the very slim chance that you have downloaded some legal files, we might be able to help.

There are a few good conversion programs that you haven’t tried that might give you better results. Three that we recommend on a regular basis around here are AVStoDVD, FAVC and DVDFlick.

Try AVStoDVD first. http://sourceforge.net/projects/avstodvd/ It can use an excellent encoder, called HCenc and the results in quality of encoding will be equal to virtually any commercial program you can name. The default audio codec used in AVStoDVD is AC3, which should be compatible with any dvd player.

If you are in the US, make sure to look in the Settings and have it output as an NTSC dvd. Most of the rest of the world uses PAL standards for dvds.

Have it output to a dvd folder, and then TEST the dvd with VLC media player or Media Player Classic HomeCinema.

Once you are certain the program is converting properly, you could also change the output to burn straight to a disk using an excellent free burning program called ImgBurn. I generally test output before burning though.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you - you have saved my sanity!!!

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