Quiet Heatsink and Fan

Building a reasonably silent new computer…
So far i have
ASUS A8N SLI PREMIUM MOBO (one with heatpipe instead of fan)
And a Athlon 64 x2 3800+ Socket 939 Dual Core processor
Now im looking for a reasonable quiet heatsink and fan (processor actually came with one but i believe stock one is a bit noisy…
ps not really interested in water cooling and not to keen on a passive one unless its pretty dam good…
any other ideas

I have that CPU and the heatsink/fan combo is relatively quiet. I have to stick my ear to the mesh front cover of my case to hear anything, and between CPU, Front and rear chassis, PSU and side panel fans it is overall very quiet.

maybe i will give the stock one a try but i think to go for everything else that is quiet then accept stock cooler might not be to good an idea .
Also some have said on other forums that theres is a bit noisy…
anyone else have any opinions on this…

I’m using these on all my P4 machines ThermalRight XP-90 with the 92mm PanaFlo fans and they are completely silent…
And if they can cool a Prescott, they can cool an AMD, but they’re big…

I went with this CPU heatsink and fan based on the reviews (low noise). Still in the box, but getting ready to put the new rig together this week.

My Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro is very quiet and has a low speed setting. Also is cool and easy to install as well as cheap; $25 delivered at SVC.com

Get the Thermalright XP-90[B]C[/B] model.

depends on how much you’re willing to spend.

if your stock heatsink is the big big one with heatpipes, just cabletie a quiet fan onto the heatsink.

willing to spend a little bit:
AC Alpine

willing to pay even more…Scythe Ninja Plus.

Your 3800+ doesn’t require much cooling though.

XP90-c whit papts or panaflo fan 92x92 or xp 120 whit a 120mm fan.


Artic cooling Frezer.

The cooler that comes with that cpu is good. If you want a great cooler than XP90 or Zalman9500 are great as with other aftermarket coolers. The only way I would change from the stock cooler is

  1. you live in a warm area.
  2. you want to O.C.
  3. you just don’t like stock cooling

Other than that I would not change coolers

The heatsink is not what makes it loud its only the fan part. Stick to the low flow panaflow or silentX series fans, they are very quiet.

If you want an all in one package, I just bought this, and its quiet as well:

For best assisatnce, if you mentioned your spending limit or possible Fan CFM:DBA ratio you are looking for, we might all be able to throw more suggestions your way.