Quiet + Fast media recognition? Pioneer 212d?

I’ve been looking at the Pioneer DVR-212D. Does this drive feature Pioneer’s “honeycomb” design for quiet operation? I’m looking for a quiet drive that burns at 16x silent, and reads silently. I bought a Lite-On 18x drive yesterday, and returned it, because it sounded like a plane taking off. I should’ve known, since in the past I had a Lite-On CD drive that was loud. I don’t want to limit the drive speed by using something like DriveSpeed 2000 utility. I’d rather have a silent drive.

I also want a drive that recognizes media fast upon insertion. No waiting 15-30 seconds for the drive to recognize the disc! That is annoying!

Right now I am using an old NEC 2510a (8x max), and this thing is DEAD SILENT when reading and writing at max speeds, but it is SLOW at recognizing media and pressed discs. WinXP takes too long to run autorun file on the discs. It also locks up my O/S for 15 seconds, whenever I insert a disc. WinXP explorer freezes to a certain extent, until the drive loads the disc.

I’ll be using mostly TYG03 media DVD-R 16x and Verbatim MCC.

Samsung SH-S203B

Very quiet 16X burning and very fast media loading times (same as my super fast Benq 1640) , for your TYG03 and MCC004 , I would not recommend burning faster than 12X (Or even 8X) specially for the MCC004