Quiet DVD Writer?

Which of the current generation DVD Writers is quiet and not ridiculously loud?

I just bought a Lite-On LH-20A1P and it is so loud its crazy. The drive vibrates like mad too.

Is the Pioneer 112D or NEC AD-7173A drives quiet?

I have a Liteon LH-18A1P which vibrates just like yours. The LG
GSA-H22N is a nice quite drive. Guess which one of the drives
in my sig is the quietest ?

You guessed it, the Liteon LH-20A1P is quiet as a whisper :slight_smile:

Guess I’ll get rid of the LH-20A1P and get a Pioneer 112D.

maybe its vibrating cos its not secured correctly in the case i know mine used to vibrate but i refitted them all properly used rubber washers supplied with my case to dampen down the vibration

The LG burners I’ve had (3) have all been the quietest drives in my tower. Comparing them to NEC and LiteOn, the difference is pretty obvious.


Yep, my NEC’s louder then my LiteOn (though that’s fairly loud as well). I’d also say LG drives are the quietest I’ve used.

i think my lg’s really loud :eek:

Well if its the case causing the vibrations then I’ll slip the drive out of the case and then see how loud it is.

Having already figured LG would end up on top…

I have asked the same thing in this thread:
"Is the H42N as quiet as the H22N?"

I guess the conclusion is that LG’s H22N being quiet was a fluke;
A fluke that has been lost on the newer models.

I plan to get the H22N.

FYI: My (securely mounted) Pioneer 111D’s make a heck of a din. I don’t plan on risking another modern pioneer drive any time soon.

So the LG H22N is the quietest 18x drive out there?

No. The ASUS 1814BL as well as 1612BL (not a 18x drive however) are much quiter. They do not produce any remarkable vibrations, however the spindle motor generates a slight hissing noise. This will usually be no problem as far as the drive is built inside a case and not operated outside.

The quietest drives ever are clearly the Plextors I think. I have not seen another brand of that quality by means of noise reduction and vibration damping mechanisms.