Quiet dvd writer? / format compatibility

Greetings -

Newbie wanting to know if any DVD writers have a rep for being reaonably quiet?

Also/alternately – any noisy ones to avoid?

Are DVD writers also capable of (reliably) writing CD-ROMs (and if not, what are the quiet dedicated CD/RW or combo DVD/CD/RW drives)?

… and (lastly) …

I recall reading a while back about some turmoil re: DVD format compatibility in the industry. Is that still the case and, if so, what do I want to watch out for in purchasing a DVD writer in order to maximize compatibility?

Thanks kindly.

  • Richard

when reading at high speeds they do make a fair bit of noise, i have a nec & liteon the liteon is the noiseist.

if your asking about the 2 types of dvd blank media, plus & minus. well most burners & newer standalone players wil play both. older standalone players can be picky, i prefer to use plus media with the booktype burned to dvd-rom. making them very compatable.

o and welcome :slight_smile: