*Quiet* DVD reader

Can someone recommend a few DVD burners with the following characteristics:

[li]extremely quiet DVD movie playback
[/li][li]region free firmware
[/li][li]cheap… ($40 area)
If the drive has software that allows the DVD read speed to be changed/overridden that would be great (as you only need 2x for watching a movie).


My Nec 2510 is very quiet…
But the Benq 1640 isn’t loud either.

You can use Nero Drive speed to control the speed and so the loudness.

In general I watch DVDs with my Aopen 1648 regulated to 4x with DriveSpeed, this is absolutely quiet.
There’s a region-free firmware for the Aopen aswell as for then NECs. (for all NEC’s, besides.) I heared that there’s also one for the BenQ.

The Nec can do bitsetting with hacked firmware, is available in black, is cheap (abou 45€) and has excellent writing quality.
The Benq can do bitsetting with stock firmware, is available in black, is cheap (about 50€) and has good writing quality.

So -> NEC.

Hope, this helps.

P.S.: Welcome to cdreaks! :slight_smile:

Any burner is quiet if you run it slow. Are you familiar with Nero DriveSpeed?

Thanks for the quick replies.

I am familiar with Nero Drivespeed but I’ve had a lot of trouble getting it to “stick” on my old Samsung and Toshiba drives (model numbers escape me). I guess I can just pick the ubiquitous NEC and go from there.