Quiet Drive utility with DVR-A10XLB

Does Pioneer’s Quiet Drive Utility work with the DVR-A10XLB drive? The version at Pioneer’s OZ site does not support this drive.

You have to use the new version which works for the A10 drives.

Thanks Chef. I cannot seem to locate the utility that is supposed to work with the A10 drives. The Aus site has the utility for <AO9 drives. Would you have a link to this utility?

Maybe you could try the version from http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/pna/article/0,,2076_4273_128163990,00.html ?

Also http://www.pioneer.de/de/download.jsp?dir=/files/support/utility&filename=ADVQUIET_V106.EXE is marked as working with 110 drives.
That’s interesting, because until yet they never were combined with"normal" drives.

Thanks again Chef. Unfortunately that version of the Quiet Drive Utility does not work with my drive. When I try to use the utility, all the option are greyed out with the message “Target is not found” in the commentary box at the bottom of the utility. My guess is that this utility has not yet been updated for the A10 series of drives. My drive seems to be working ok reading/writing to all foramts of optical disks. It also has the latest firmware release (DVRA10_FW137EU.EXE) installed.

This one should work!

It sure does work! Thankyou for the info. :bow:

Yeah, thanks if2!

I’ve read about this link in a post before but couldn’t find it again.

The weird thing is that on the european site the v106 util is mentioned to work with the DVR-110/D drives.