Quiet Debut for Nintendo's GameCube

I just posted the article Quiet Debut for Nintendo’s GameCube.

As i said … not that much to report, nor much to do @ work (like you can see). So i stumbled upon this article:

Greeted by small armies of game fanatics, Nintendo’s GameCube game console…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2505-Quiet-Debut-for-Nintendos-GameCube.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2505-Quiet-Debut-for-Nintendos-GameCube.html)

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The fact it’s selling out without the advertising says it all. This machine sells itself and so doesn’t need to be advertised. It’s gotta be pretty damn hot!

From what I hear they shipped about 300,000 and sold about 80% in the first week. This is actually pretty poor considering it’s suppose to sell better in Japan then the US, and when sony shipped 500,000 they sold out in a day and it was considered a shortage. It would be interesting to see how many PS2 were sold that same week. Personally I think it’s going to come down to X-Box and PS2.

I’m sticking to gettin a gamecube… I figure some of the games that are on XBox will appear on PC… but u won’t see a Mario, Metroid or Zelda on PC… I just hope that they do a better job with the GC than with the N64…

yes another vote for Nintendo. They always had the titles that will never leave them. And the console that always outperformed sony.

Just my opinion, but I think that the Playstation/PS1 are heaps better than the N64.

I think Nintendo didn’t do so much advertising so they would have enough in stock when they released. PS2 was totally sold out in 3 days here due to advertising, but then you had do wait 1-2 weeks before they got any new ones. Does someone knows when they sell here in Belgium.

Oh no guys,not again. Please stop making a comparison between Nintendo and sony. Just let everybody buy the console he/shi is happy with and stop making comparisons.

True. Like comparing Budweiser to Natural Light(Sony). lol