Quiet Blu-ray reader (movie playback)



I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or opinions on quiet BD drives. It is for movie playback on my PC which is otherwise near-silent so I’d like a drive with quiet operation to match. Problem is of course most drives are geared toward fast reading and writing, and I pretty much need the opposite. I don’t want the drive to spin at 12x speed if 2x is enough bandwidth for playback.

I previously had a Lite-On iHES208 which was very quiet (at least when reading DL discs) but it is no longer available here. For my new PC I bought a Pioneer BDR-209EBK which is OK, but even in quiet mode it still audibly spins the discs for at least 10 minutes from the moment you start to read from it, after which it quiets down (unless you jump ahead too much on the disc or pause too long, which seems to trigger another 10-minute period of noise.)

Some of the drives I’ve had a look at are two from LG: CH12NS30 and BH16NS40 which feature a “Silent Play” function that looks promising, and a multitude of ASUS drives (BW-16D1HT, BC-12D2HT etc.) many of which seem to be nearly identical.

Quiet reading is the only real feature I need, but if it doesn’t have Riplock (like the Pioneer) that would be a plus.

Thanks for any help.