I was wondering if I was to install Sorenson Video 3 Pro Codec, would I be able to play back mov files in Zoom Player instead of installing QuickTime or QuickTime Alternative ?

If you have the Cyberlink quicktime filter installed then any dshow player should be able to make use of Sorenson to decode. No need to install Pro though unless you actually plan on encoding with it. Also ffdshow can decode Sorenson 3.

Ok, i’m gussing that the trailers over at Apple’s website are encoded with Apple MPEG-4 ? so I would need QuickTime installed to play them ?

MPEG4 is MPEG4, so no you don’t need quicktime.

I’d like to know something regarding the Cyberlink Quicktime Filter; If I use this filter will I b able to play quicktime in wmp like any other clip, or does it only process sorenson? (i.e can it also demux quicktime audio, or does it need something like 3ivx splitter?) I just want to play quicktime in other dshow players, preferably wmp. I tried FFDShow which looks promising but currently not all types of quicktime clips can be played using it, and it requires the 3ivx splitter. If the CyberLink filter can do audio and video for quicktime, can someone please tell me how to use it so that I can watch clips in wmp if possible? I have installed PowerDVD XP and even the latest WinDVD (which I hear also has the filter) but I still do not see any change (WMP says it could find a decoder). Do I have to change any filter priority settings etc. with ZoomPlayer or something?

As far as I know it just makes use of installed quicktime codecs. As for filter priorities you might have issues with 3ivX’s, moonlight’s, etc. mp4 splitters as well as perhaps windows own quicktime parser.

Having purchased a camera with Quicktime, what editting options do I have, I would like to change formats, eg MAV or VCD

Hi Rj_Xy,

All you need is Quicktime Alternative(nothing else)[google for it].

Hi Modemjocky,

What you need is Apples Quicktime player(Pro version) or in freewares there was a utility called Mov2Avi(do not know whether it still exists-Google for it).

In Quicktime choose Export/Save As and save as Avi(this is the only choice available as far as I know- Choose Radius Cinepak and select the best quality that will give you a bitrate just under 1100 Kbps total[audio and video]).
I haven’t used Mov2Avi so I am not aware of the settings(last I checked it was a commandline utility).

After the file is outputted as an Avi. Then use an encoder and do read the guides to convert to a VCD.

Hope this helps.