Quicktime problem

I have got the dreaded ‘error 46’ when I try to run quicktime in Windows, (lack of “ActiveX control”)

Where does one get an activex control. I have tried Apple but they don’t appear to have one. Tucows doesn’t appear to have one. Tried Tesco;s but no luck there…

Can anyone help please.

You can try all the suggested fixes but I recommend using Quicktime Alternative, just google it.

[B]The solution:[/B] There is an old NT utility called SubInAcl.exe that can be used to reset permissions in Windows XP and also in Vista.
Step 1: [/B]

Vista’s User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled for these steps to work (Control Panel -> Turn User Account Control Off). You may enable UAC back on after these steps. And you should run this as admin.

[B]Step 2:

[/B]Download subinacl.msi from Microsoft and install it.

[B]Step 3:[/B]

Download a modified version of reset.cmd from here and save the file in ‘C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools’.
[B]for Vista 64-bit:[/B] to ‘C:\Program Files (X86)\Windows Resource Kits\Tools’

[B]Step 4:[/B]

Open Command Prompt (press the Windows Start button and type CMD) and type the following without quotes (hit Enter): ‘cd c:\program files\windows resource kits ools’ [B]for Vista 64-bit:[/B] ‘cd c:\program files (X86)\windows resource kits ools’

[B]Step 5:[/B]

Now type ‘reset.cmd’ and hit Enter (without quotes). You will see the Command Line Tool running for some seconds. The issue should have been fixed and Quicktime should run again.


Thanks for the replies.

Tried ‘Alternative’ didn’t work…

Reset looks too complicated for me.

I shall solve my problem by getting rid of quicktime and use Safari without music…

thanx guys…

@platinumsword ; I used the icacls & takeown for setting permissions in my Vista OS.
I tried the SubInAcl.exe but it didn’t work for me. In fact I’m glad I had a backup of my OS.
I wasn’t using this for the OP’s problem .
I was doing a whole OS permissions change.
I checked the reset.cmd script file in the download by changing the extension to .txt & it mostly involved Quicktime permissions so it might work fine.
For any that download SubInAcl it is a powerful program & I recommend a good backup with Acronis or Ghost of your OS first before using it.
Don’t depend on System Restore for this.

The reset was only to address the quicktime issue.

One should always make a backup before making changes of this nature.