Quicktime Movies

i use a 56 kbps dial up modem. i wish to save the trailers on the HD before watching them cause 56kbps is not meant for that. however the quicktime plugin takes over and does not let getright catch the .mov link. basically how to get getright to catch the link. is there any other site that offers good quality trailers for download ?

Streambox VCR Suite might be helpful in this respect. Not usre if it works for mov files as well, but it works wonders for realmedia streams…

And if Quicktime immediately starts the plugin, it is very well possible that the file is saved in your temporary internet files as well (so you can let it run and download and afterwards look it from your temp internet files directory)

The file is saved in the temporary folder. i can get the file if the download is complete. however is my connection drops, the file is lost. thats what i want to avoid and therefore use getright.

What if you, instead of clicking the link, copy the link to getright and have getright download it immediately? Will Quicktime still take over then?

Getright does take a .mov link but that is just a 70kb .mov file. after doubleclicking on that file, quicktime opens up. the screen shows a picture and a “click here to play” text. clicking there connects to the internet and what i dont want happens ie the file is downloaded by quicktime ?

Then try Streambox VCR Suite, it can capture streaming media (including *.mov, just checked it)

I think it also supports resume

thanx buddy! i needed it too!!!

i would still like to know how to do it with getright. any ideas ??

you’d have to, um, find the actual html address the movie is stored at. since they have gone out of their way to make it hard for you to do so, i’d wager this isnt easy.

But what the @#$# is their problem. the files are free anyway and i just want to see the trailers. how can i do that with a dail up connection. why are they so mean.

hey pal! with that kick-ass-app (streambox vcr) u don’t need getright (oh, btw, go!zilla is better ;)): it has a fraggin’ fine pause-resume interface.