QuickTime Movies to open up to my Windows Movie Maker

I am having a time trying to get my home videos (Kodak EasyShare Z1015IS camera/video.) which are QuickTime Movies to open up to my Windows Movie Maker. This does not work. I am a grandma and know nothing about this…I am pulling out my hair! I keep coming across on the net to convert (?) files. I have home videos and photos. With Kodak all videos open up on Quicktime…I want to make movies along with photos for my kids to give them for Christmas. I have Windows Vista home Premium. I am using Memorex DVD-R…I am not even sure if this is correct. I hope You all can help me out.

Hi there,

It will be for ever impossible for Windows Movie Maker to open Quicktime files. Windows is from Microsoft, Quicktime is from Mac. They both think they’re the best, so naturally they hate each other.

What you will need is a tool to convert these Quicktime movies into something that Windows Movie Maker can understand, namely the Windows Movie Format (WMF).

There are a zillion of converters tools on the internet. Some are good, most are not. Some are easy, most are not. I suggest researching… a lot.

I like the VLC media player (www.videolan.org), since it can play almost any format (so both WMF and Quicktime) and convert it as well without too much hassle.

I recommend reading this article about VLC if you are interested in VLC.

Thanks Mr. Belvedere for your response,
I have looked at MANY converter sites and got lost very fast! I have the site you recommended open and sometime today I hope I can get my problem resolved…(the article about VLC and videolan) At least these sites explain more!

I really like this site. I know that with time I will learn more about things that are valued for me in using my computer/camera…
I laughed when I read your note under your response:
[I][U]I might be evil… but
I might also give strange answers, because i want you to research for the rest of the answer by using the combined power of those trillions of nerve cells inside your head.[/U][/I][B][U]

[U][U]My daddy always said, “You got to be smarter than [/U][U](WHAT EVER YOU ARE DOING[/U][/U]).” [/U][/B]In my case my computer! LOL! About my nerve cells inside my head…I believe they are fried after this blizzard we were in this week, and with QT! LOL!
Thank you again!
The way each day will look to you all starts with WHO you’re looking to.

Try this :
Open the Kodak EasyShare Z1015IS camera/video QuickTime files in Windows Explorer(my computer).
Open Windows Movie Maker at the same time.
L.click on the files in Windows Explorer & drag them into Windows Movie Maker.
I don’t know if Windows Movie Maker will work with or convert the QuickTime files but that will get them into it.

No problem. Can i ask not to use a special font when you reply to a message? If you have no idea what i’m talking about, please ignore it alltogether. :slight_smile:

(the article about VLC and videolan) At least these sites explain more!
Lifehacker.com is an excellent site. It gives out very good information, yet still readable for everybody. Perhaps because the founder of the Lifehacker is a very succesful woman. :slight_smile:

My daddy always said, “You got to be smarter than (WHAT EVER YOU ARE DOING).” In my case my computer! LOL!
Most people on the internet want quick fast spoonfed answers and have no clue what they are doing if they follow someone’s advise. It’s always better to learn rather than to copy actions, since it will indeed make you smarter.

But lest not forget: Those computers are there for us, not the other way around! Don’t be afraid of them.

As stated above, “There are a zillion of converters tools on the internet”…If your goal is to do some simple editing of your QuickTime (MOV) files, and burn to disc for PC viewing, try AVIDemux…

If however, your goal is playing on Standard(set top) DVD player you will need to (there’s that word, again) ‘CONVERT’…
There’s the very easy to use, ConvertXtoDVD(trialware), and the free DVDflick, FAVC…

Good luck!..and if you have any questions, be sure to ask!..