Quicktime Movie Protection

okaaaaay, this has been driving me nuts for YEARS. all Quicktime movies that are protected will not let me save any changes, or export it to AVI or nothing. and I looooove tweaking my vid files. I have searched Google and Altavista over and over, and found nothing at all. if anyone knows of any patch/crack that removes protection from the .MOV files, I would dance around the room and let loose cacaphonous utterings of joy. naturally.

or, if worst comes to worst, and there ISN’T any thing i can do about the protections, is there a prog that anyone knows that will record what is showing on your comp screen?

I hate all things Mac, but the Lord of the Rings trailers are in MOV format, so I MUST find a way!

The person who helps me will be my 2nd-in-command when I take over the world, and may wallow in jello for the rest of his mortal life. :bow:

The protection is there for a reason. If you would use a crack or a patch you would be modifying some elements you are not allowed to…at least I think not.

So until you can convince me otherwise (through PM or email, so pelase do NOT start a new thread on this), I find this thread in violation of our rules and will close it.