Quicktime editing/rotation



I used the search function but did not find any definitive answers, so please bear with me.
I have a friend whose camera records video in quicktime. Yes, I know it’s a “container” and not a real format. However, she turned the camera 90 degrees for recording and now wants view the video “normally”. She needs to rotate it. I tried downloading and using TMPGEnc to possibly convert the video to another format but it choked on a test file (or I was just too much of a dunce in using it). I also tried getting Windows Movie Maker to do some basic editing but it wouldn’t import a quicktime file.
Other than buying something like Quicktime Pro, is there any software around that can accomplish this?? I would appreciate any information you can share. I’d like to help her if possible. Thanks for looking.


Can’t be positive but yo may want to try Nero Photo. And I see on the upper left of this page an add for frre Nero 6.6 ulta but the offer ends today. Worth a shot for free.


Thanks for the suggestion. I did try Nero earlier (I have the latest version) but it wouldn’t work. I’m still stuck.
Thanks again! Anyone else?? I know this has to be possible. :wink:


So far, after receiving another suggestion to load the QT plug in for TMPGenc, I seemed to have been able to convert the file to an MPMovie file. However, neither Windows Movie Maker, Nero or virtualdub would import the file for editing. Any suggestions? I seem to be stuck.


TMPGEnc with the QT plugin will convert it to an MPEG file… You need to hit the LOAD button and point to the DVD(NTSC).mcf or DVD(PAL).mcf file. The result will a DVD complaint MPEG2 stream and openable by anything that can handle mpeg2 streams.

You can then load the MPEG2 file into VirtualDUBMod and use the inbuilt “Flip Horizontally” or “Flip Vertically” filters and save out as an AVI. As for rotating 90 degrees, I have no idea if that is even possible.


I have flipped frames 90 degrees and less, using Vegas Video. Only problem, is that the frame itself looks goofy due to the changed aspect.


Update! First, thanks for the suggestions and input. I do appreciate it. At this point, I have managed to accomplish the task. Here’s what I did. I used Virtualdubmod to rotate the converted movie 90 degrees, using the “rotate” filter. Done! I just gave it to her and told her to never do that to me again! :bigsmile: J/K!
Thanks again for the assist!