Quicktime default

I’d like to burn a short video (taken using my digital camera) to DVD. Trouble is, when I download from my camera to my computer the file defaults as Quicktime-- which won’t let me save it as any other type of file unless I upgrade to Pro. I’ve got Nero 7 Essentials, Power Producer, an old Movie Maker and Photo Story 3. I’m still trying to figure out how to use all these things, but I can’t seem to import files from Quicktime. Am I missing something? Or is there a way to change the default so that these files are useable for me? Or is upgrading to Quicktime Pro my only option.

Are these short video files from your camera .mov files? You should be able to open these files up in Nero Vision Express, and convert them into either Video CD or DVD.

Please forgive my stupidity…but I’m guessing that they are .mov files. I don’t change any of the settings. When I plug in my card reader, I simple select to download that “frame” and it downloads into a default folder. When I go back to view it is a .mov file.

I don’t have anything called Nero Vision, but I do have Nero Express Essentials. Is there any way to convert it with that?

I also downloaded RAD Video Tools, and converted it to an .avi file, but the sound distorts and the qualtiy is very poor. :frowning:

If you don’t have Nero Vision Express, try the free DVD Flick. DVDFlick should allow you to convert those mov files to DVD format.

Also, don’t convert those mov files to avi…you’ll still have to convert them again to DVD (and you may very well end up with audio sync issues also). mov files aren’t known for the best quality, so even using DVDFlick to convert those mov files straght to DVD, might give you less than crisp video clips.

Thanks! :slight_smile: