Quickset HITACHI DVD-ROM GD-S200 0034 speed Q

this question goes for any drive also. basically i want to know if i can set my drive to rip at lower 1x speeds. i tried CD-ROM Tool SPTI from http://cdromtool.sourceforge.net/compatible.php

the drive i am using is in my laptop

but am unable to get it to rip at anything less than 4x

so i guess my question is are cd roms set specifically to only spin at certain rates? not sure if i am even asking the right questions though.


Just a little off question, but why would you want to rip at 1x, I mean 4x is already very slow already.

Are you’re trying to read an audio CD at highest quality?

i am doing some listening experiments in the quality of music ripped at 1x as opposed to whatever the maximum is for the cd drive.

even at 4x i am not 100% sure it is ripping/maintaining at that speed.

so i was wondering if cd drives are unable to rip at pre defined settings? i know i can burn at a predifined setting.

and is there any tools that actually tell me what speed i am actually ripping at? as i am a admin and supporter for dbpoweramp which has the ability to read at what speed i am ripping at, i think it just records the information itself rather than force it to rip at a certain speed. i am not sure at this stage.

Makes sense now :slight_smile:

To your question, I think it all depends on the drive. Some drives allow setting to 1x and higher multiples, while others don’t allow for 1x through the IDE. Manufacturers will choose which is the slowest speed their drive will use when ripping through the IDE.

The only sure way to find the true reading speed is not really the reported speed, but rather a calculated approximation from number of bytes being received. Most CD writing programs will do this now, e.g. BlindWrite and CloneCD. Try downloading a demo version and test it on your lappy.

Drives are built to rip/burn at a fixed pre-defined number of speeds. When
reading/burning you can however change the default speed into any one of
these (with CDBremer, Nero DriveSpeed, PlexControl etc), but you will not be
able to change the speed to any arbitrary value. And even if you could do it,
since this speed is not officialy supported by the firmware you would get awful
performances. As explained by Truman, common software cannot get the
actual motor velocity, and therefore reported speeds are calculated based
on the data rate from the drive to your PC. As for the audible differences
with audio extraction at 1x, this has been the source of several heated
discussions in the audio forum so I prefer not to comment on it for now :slight_smile:

thanks for valuable information Truman and spath.

the purpose for me is probably more mechanical rather than anything else. as i was trying to figure how much purpose/usefullness the display of the ripping speed from cd to hardrive was. and if the software was reporting correct values or not.

but this does not look like an easy task to evaluate, given what you have said so far i would have to know all the inns and outs of my cd drive and firmware information. so i am guessing accurate results or testing for this type of thing may be rendered not reliable and even not a desired thing to do :slight_smile:

i just needed to be able to work out also how to tell this to others that ask these questions. “thus the mechanical” reasons why i am asking.

having said that it makes more sense now. and i might sift through some of your audio forums and point people to the discussions on this type of topic so they can decide for themselves. it’s just that quite often a developer can be blamed for something he really has no control over. but to explain that to the end user isn’t always an easy task either.

well gentlemen thank you for your time, i appreciate it!