Quickie about winAVI

after i convert i have audio_TS and a video_TS
with divxtodvd i only had video_TS
when i goto burn where do i add all the audio_TS folder stuff to?

Ignore the Audio_TS Folder.

here is another problem i have come across
while im converting the files it says unable to locate source file.
the files are on 2nd bay hard drive and at a random time the drive just dissapears and it cant locate them. so far restarting the computer has fixed it but im not sure that everytime it will.

Whilst I prefer not to speculate - The 2 times this has happened to me, was the 2 times I threw out a HDD.

now the aspect ratio on the converted DVD files is not right. on 4:3 the tv is just missing a little but on 16:9 it just cuts it off, like its flows and then BOOM black lines

Try setting the Aspect to Auto.

auto does basically what 16:9 does and cuts it off pretty bad