Quickest way to copy 150 cds to computer?

I have around 150 or so audio cds, and I would like to create a backup of all of them on my computer.

I have two BenQ DW1640 drives, as well as Nero 6. I don’t mind spending $50 to get software that might be better for what I need.

  1. What software will be best for this?
  2. What is the best format to save the audio from the CDs? I have an X-Mystique sound card outputting 7.1 surround to my Denon receiver.

Any idea how much space this might take up?

You want EAC and the LAME encoder. I would save in MP3 format, but others might be better while taking much more space. High bitrate MP3 is hard to beat.


What LAME encoder? Are you talking about the EAC with or without the CDRDAO?

Are you sure this would be better to use than Nero 6? I have already paid for it. I want quality sound, since it is going to a nice surround sound setup.

Nero will work and I am not the expert on audio extraction. But lots of reading from posters who know what they are doing has convinced me that this is the best way to rip and encode. EAC has the best error correction and LAME has the best audio quality. The LAME encoder is here,


a little reading will fill you in on how to use it and integrate it into EAC in order to make it the default.

BTW, last time I checked both EAC and LAME were free.

If you get it with CDRDAO you can burn as well but I find that anything burning (Nero or otherwise) will do the job after you have done the ripping. As you are just questioning the ripping to a hard drive it is immaterial.

a little reading will fill you in on how to use it and integrate it into EAC in order to make it the default.

  • I’ll read up on it.

BTW, last time I checked both EAC and LAME were free.

  • They sure are! I don’t mind paying for something if it will be better.

Thanks for the help.

Glad to help. If you want opinions more informed than mine, I would post a question in the audio forum and find out if anything has changed. When I checked last summer, the general consensus was EAC and LAME were the best.

Actually the quickest way is to find 15 of your friends to do it for you! :wink:

The best compression format is Ogg Vorbis. It’s by far the most efficient one in terms of space. A 128kbps Ogg file sounds about as good as a 192kbps mp3.

Wrong, the best lossy compression to date is Musepack (MPC).

I didn’t know about MPC.
A quick Wikipedia search reveals, however, that it seems MPC and Ogg are about at the same level.

Yes, OGG too is a very efficient codec, and the big advantage with OGG is that it is Open Source and also has more portable player support than MPC.

MPC seems to be open source too (according, as always, to wikipedia), but you’re right, no portable player supports it…
I’ve always been a big fan of Ogg Vorbis, and I’d compress all of my music in that format if I had a mp3 player that could read it. I’m lusting over the Rio Karma, but I only have an old Creative Zen USB2…
I’ve sent to people on 56k songs encoded in ogg/80 or 96 and they sounded pretty decent considering the low bitrate…

Which version do I need? http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/eac6.html

With or without CDRDAO package ?

A quick side note: if you have a Linux box handy, you can use cdparanoia. It’s quite effective at bypassing protections.

No I don’t have a linux box here. You think I will run into protection issues with burning audio cds?

Anyone who finds this post, you will want to use this link to download/install LAME > http://mitiok.cjb.net/