Quickest/Easiest Duplication Software?

I’ve been using DVD Shrink to create copies so that I can keep my originals scratch free and my kids can thrash the copies. Just got a new Benq DW1655 that can do up to 8x Double Layer so I it will be cool to be able to now include all the Bonus Features on the dupes.

Is DVD Shrink still about the best piece of software for quickly duplicating a DVD even if you don’t need to re-author?

If I do want to re-author I assume this is still the best if not one of the top free programs to do it?


In Short…I would say the most “reliable” would be the AnyDVD and CloneDVD combo.

1clickdvdcopy is also a great program… it pretty much lives up to its name.

Edit: Both of those programs are not free though :smiley:

For a straight copy, I just want simple. When you start talking about using more than one program, not thanks, unless I have to because the simpler solution didn’t work. So what is the advantage of 1Click over DVD Shrink since DVD Shrink when doing a straight copy?

Do any of these programs copy DVD’s on-the-fly from one drive to another? (total newbie question, I know)