HI, I am new here
I need some help getting information off a disk I was given. The disk has information from Quickbooks but I can’t afford Quickbooks is there any other way to get the information off the disk?:eek:


You can get Quickbooks free starter edition from Intuit. Just google it. Can you just copy and paste whatever is on the CD/DVD to your hard drive?


I’ve tried this it doesn’t want to copy to the free quickbooks it says I need to buy the upgrade/ Any suggestions?


Having never used Quickbooks, I did a little research and it looks like they use a proprietary DBMS file format so copying to your hard drive won’t do you any good. If the free edition of Quickbooks won’t read the information on your disk you will need something like QODBC (it’s a dll) http://www.qodbc.com/qodbc.htm, they offer a free 30 trial. You’ll also need a front end program like MS word, Excel, Access, or Visual Basic to read the data. Good luck.



Thank you I will try that. I myself never used Quickbooks and I am the Treasure for Grad Night at the local High school and this is the disk last years Treasure gave me. I will probably have to just start over but we were interested in seeing what was on this disk to see what the money was spent on


Still can’t get information off disk


I’m sorry you can’t get it to work, but I really don’t have much to suggest. Did you get an error message when you tried to read the disk with whatever program you tried? Perhaps the disk itself is damaged, maybe it is password protected, maybe there is nothing there. I suppose the surest way to know is with a copy of Quickbooks itself, but if you don’t know anyone who uses it, then you might just be out of luck.